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Process of Making Replica Food

※This picture is all Replica Foods

Here we introduce the procedure from ordering replica food right through to its production and completion.

  • 1

    Preparing the Replica Food Order Sheet

    Please fill in the ingredients required for the replica food to be created on the Replica Food Order Sheet (*Click here for how to fill in the sheet) and contact us.

    Replica Food Order Form(Ver.1.0)

    Click here for Excel after 2016. Please enable macros before use.

    Replica Food Order Form(Simple Ver.)

    Click here for Excel before 2016.

  • 2

    Arrangement of Tableware and Some Dish Samples

    After contacting us, we will ask you to send the tableware necessary for producing the replica food.

    *We may ask you to send some samples of dishes and ingredients.
    We can also prepare dish samples and tableware for you, but please note that they may not always meet your exact requests.

  • 3

    Processing of Standardized Parts

    We alter standardized parts and perform various processing to create parts.

  • 4

    Mold Making & Molding

    For parts that are not supported by our standardized parts, we will make a mold by applying silicon to some dish samples provided by you, our customer, and actual samples procured by us.
    We pour a special resin into the created mold and fire it in an oven.

  • 5


    The parts created in steps 3 and 4 above are carefully colored using an airbrush or brush. 

  • 6

    Presentation and Pouring of Replica Food Parts

    We carefully arrange each part according to your order.
    *This is also the process in which we pour in the soup element of replica foods.

  • 7


    We will send you photos via email just before the completion of your order and will have you inspect the near-final product.

  • 8

    Glazing & Completion

    After you give your approval, the product is finished by glazing it.

  • 9

    Packing & Shipping

    We will carefully pack each item you order and ship it to you.

  • 10

    Sending You Your Replica Foods